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CARRY ON HENRY (1970) - Had a small part playing the torturer stretching Charles Hawtrey on the rack (who was enjoying every moment of it). Only had one line, but spent one of the most enjoyable weeks filming. Totally enthralled by the most hilarious person I have every worked with, Kenneth Williams. I worked with him several times after that in comedy sketches and in his TV Special.

UP POMPEII and UP THE CHASTITY BELT (1970) - Two fun films, working with Frankie Howerd and casts including Madeleine Smith, Patrick Cargill, Bernard Breslaw, Rita Webb, and many other character actors. Both films directed by Bob Kellett - it is nice to see them cropping up on late night TV.

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1970) - I played the part of Julian the bodyguard to the writer, played by Patrick McGee the great Irish actor. A great experience working with Stanley Kubrick and also to work with Malcolm McDowell, Margaret Tyzack and John Savident. The film was only released for a short period and recalled by Stanley himself as not only was he receiving death threats, but the Droogs actions seemed to be spawning copy cat violence.

HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN (1970) - Written and produced by Jimmy Sangster who personally cast me in the role of the Horror. Ralph Bates came in to play Dr. Frankenstein as Peter Cushing was unavailable, and Veronica Carlsen and Kate O'Mara provided the sex/glamour. Although it was enjoyable to work on I don't think the Hammer horror aficionados like it very much as Jimmy Sangster had fun with the genre instead of filming it as a pure gothic horror.

HAMMERHEAD (1967) - Wonderful location working in the picturesque fishing village of Cascais outside Estoril, Portugal. It was a pleasure working with Vince Edwards of Dr. Ben Casey fame and a host of English character actors, including Diana Dors, Judy Geeson, Peter Vaughan, William Mervyn, Patrick Holt, and Patrick Cargill. Most of the film was shot on a luxury yacht moored on the River Tegus and Hammerhead played by Peter Vaughan used to make his entrance from a sedan chair lowered from a helicopter on to the deck of the yacht. Unfortunately Vince Edwards broke his ankle during the filming and nearly all of his standing, walking and running shots were done by his stunt man Gerry Crampton. The film was not very good and had terrible reviews.

CASINO ROYAL (1966) - My first part in this movie was playing a giant teddy bear called Superpooh opposite Peter Sellers and Ursula Andress. Unfortunately Peter walked of the set in the middle of the sequence and what we shot was left on the cutting room floor. I was then offered the second role in the same movie of Frankenstein's Monster playing opposite David Niven and Woody Allen. It seems strange that a film that we all regarded as a load of rubbish eventually went on to achieve cult status.

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